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 Behind the scenes of CB.

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PostSubject: Behind the scenes of CB.   Mon Apr 14, 2014 12:28 am

(17:19:49) Ma Dai: How's patches?
(17:19:50) Ma Dai: Brb
(17:20:17) Carolie: kk
(17:20:39) Carolie: They're patchy
(17:21:31) Ma Dai: .. Cara.
(17:21:48) Carolie: Yus meh dear? o3o
(17:21:50) Ma Dai: You're fired.
(17:22:17) Carolie: /oh/
(17:22:23) Carolie: I see how it is
(17:23:04) Carolie: Don't like my responses :l
(17:23:14) Ma Dai: Yeah. That's what happens when people make bad puns.
(17:23:31) * Carolie coughs
(17:23:42) Ma Dai: And then they have to make the skin.
(17:23:45) Ma Dai: For the dream.
(17:23:46) Carolie: Not punny like my one friend. She makes amazing ones
(17:23:47) Ma Dai: As punishment.
(17:23:54) Carolie: .. ._.
(17:24:17) Ma Dai: (15:10:58) Ma Dai: People need to be able to copy up to 4 items in CB, please. If possible. Like copy1 paste 1 copy2 paste2 etcetc. (15:11:48) M-80: You doing the skin? (15:11:53) M-80: buttons plz. (15:12:04) Ma Dai: I don't know how to do skins ; m ;
(17:24:47) Carolie: ...
(17:24:53) Ma Dai:
(17:25:07) Carolie: Go look for skin buttons
(17:25:12) Ma Dai: ... ;;
(17:25:15) Ma Dai: Noyou.
(17:25:20) * Carolie, patching
(17:25:21) Carolie: o3o
(17:25:25) Ma Dai: EXCUSES.
(17:25:28) Ma Dai: Speaking of
(17:25:32) Ma Dai: Did you want me to go through them with you
(17:25:37) Ma Dai: To tell you what to put in o u o
(17:25:44) Carolie: It's k
(17:25:50) Ma Dai: Seeing as how I sent you useless things.
(17:25:52) Ma Dai: Kfine.
(17:25:56) Ma Dai: Didn'twanttohelpyouanyways.
(17:26:02) Carolie: Go find skin patches
(17:26:04) Carolie: ..xD
(17:26:15) Ma Dai: I don't need to find them. I'll make them.
(17:26:21) Carolie: Mk
(17:26:24) Carolie: Camp themed
(17:26:30) * Ma Dai takes out shears.
(17:26:33) * Ma Dai skins.
(17:26:36) * Ma Dai skins Joe.
(17:26:40) * Ma Dai patches together.
(17:26:42) Carolie: ..
(17:26:43) Ma Dai: Et voila.
(17:26:46) Carolie: Mel
(17:26:51) Carolie: Go seek help
(17:27:01) Carolie: Then find buttons for the dream skin


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Behind the scenes of CB.
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