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 Main Dream Rules

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PostSubject: Main Dream Rules   Wed Jan 07, 2015 3:36 am

The following rules are to be used as a guideline for behaviour - not every rule is listed, and it is requested you do not look for loopholes. Any rules that are listed must be followed. These rules are put in place to ensure the comfort, safety, and enjoyment of everyone in the dream and not put here so that you may break them. Staff reserve the right to act accordingly per situation, but please use your head while in the dream. If you feel you are being treated wrongfully, then please do as you are asked for that moment and take screenshots/logfiles and report it on the forums. While you are asked to respect staff and other guests, they need to respect you, too.

+ You are not permitted to spam in any way, shape, or form - be it from items, to chatter or any other way possible.
In short, please don't repeatedly post to fill up a whole screen or flood the dream with repeated walls, items, floors and text. A notice that, in the case of text spam becoming close to 11 lines, a staff member may warn you. Please give others a chance to speak. Do consider moving to a less populated area, please.

+ The rules are not "made to be broken" - they're here to keep the dream fun and enjoyable for everyone.
Any form of harassment or trolling isn't acceptable, even in private areas such as gardens and cabins. Please refrain from saying anything that may offend someone and if asked to stop, do kindly respect their wishes. When in doubt, simply remove yourself from the situation and file a report if you believe you were warned wrongfully; don't provoke the situation with name calling.

+ Our staff will do emits for you!
To have an emit done, please ask at the desk but keep in mind that if this is abused, this will be removed. For advertising services/goods such as digos and artwork, instead create a thread on our website. Re-directs to other dreams are not allowed and emits should take up no more than six lines in the Furcadia client and free of anything derogatory or offensive. To have something emitted multiple times, please wait 15 minutes before asking again and make sure your previous emit isn't anywhere within the last two screens (22 lines). Staff have the right to decline emits at their own discretion. Please wait at the desk until your request is emitted and do know it may take several minutes. Staff members are not responsible for chasing you down and whispering you about your emit, if there's an issue. Please know that leaving before your request has been emitted may result in staff choosing to not broadcast your request.

+ This dream is not a playground, and we won't hold your hand.
You shouldn't need to be told to use proper manners, and to please not use chatspeak. If you're asked to stop, stop. If someone is bothered, staff members are asked to step in and make sure they're okay. Don't start fights or drama. Basically, use your head and please be mature - entering gardens/cabins/tents without permission is a no-brainer. There's lots of other things, too! So please just be smart. If you're unsure, it's likely a "no" - but feel free to ask staff.

+ As of the moment, there is no limit to owning a cabin/garden/tent for a certain amount of time.
However, unless permed, your cabin/garden/tent may be removed at any house check. These are done every two hours and the rules of such are emitted at that time. Some exceptions apply, such as owning an Interactive Home **. Be courteous with your decorating and don't cover others' areas using overly large items/walls. If someone complains, a staff member may move the item. Also, do not alter any items/decorating unless it's yours.

+ Please do not whisper staff members under any circumstances - the desk was created for a reason!
Staff reserve the right to ignore your whisper, and please know if they do decide to respond, desk requests are taken over whisper ones.

+ Gold, pearls, or other items have no real value and are merely used within Camp Bournedale.
As such, you are not allowed to sell your items for money, digos, art, or any other form of service - though you can pay someone using Camp Bournedale items to help you decorate your house or similar things. However, you can save up enough gold to purchase a permanent cabin for a certain period of time.

+ Please don't loiter.
Please do what you can to keep all floors, halls, items, walkways, paths, so on and so forth, clear. For example, if you're sitting on the floor(s) surrounding the desk, please move elsewhere with your group where there's more rooms. These areas are to be kept clean and clear at all times.

+ Don't be afraid to file reports!
If there's something not working correctly or that you feel could work better, please head to the suggestions / questions / reports and fill out the appropriate forms. If you're having problems with other guests or staff members? File reports! Even report the Owner and Co-Owner if you need to. We want to hear from you when something is working, when it's not working, when you feel something is useless, or anything of the sort. Doesn't matter what it is! This dream was made for your enjoyment; so even if you want items added/removed to/from the items room, let us know.  What do you think of the rules? What's on your mind? How's our driving? Let us know. If anyone bites your head off, report them.

** ; Please note that this link is not from the Forummotion advertisers. It is a link to the page regarding interactive cabins/homes and it is safe to click, should it interest you!

+ + The Desk:
Quote :

This means the entire desk area. The desk itself on both sides, the lounge area, the stairs, and the entire lobby area.

While the desk is generally rated T+ most of the time, please know it's not an area for excessive swearing or misbehaviour(s); and should you be asked to quit your behaviour, please cut it out. You're making someone uncomfortable, and if one person is speaking out, it's very likely more than one person is feeling that way. We need the desk to be a friendly area!

Please keep in mind the staff members have the right to transfer the desk between an E8+ and T+ environment at their discretion based on several different things such as the amount of people at the desk / within the dream, the tolerance of the staff member(s) on duty, the amount of staff / patrons at the desk, and other things. Please pay close attention to the emits, as it will be emitted when the staff choose to change the rating, and look on the Furcadia website for the difference(s) of what is and is not accepted.  You can also check the current rating of the desk by saying !DeskRating

On the desk seats, both staff and patrons are permitted to AFK for 10 minutes. Staff members are permitted an additional 10 minutes if they are on the back seats of the desk. On the lounge area and lower portion(s) of the desk/lobby, staff may move people at their own discretion or if there is a mass clearout. If you're there to talk, that's okay; but please do what you can to keep on the sides of the desk. If you're hardly paying attention, please consider leaving the desk area entirely. If you do not have your AFK time in your desc, you may be pushed at any point in time if you haven't been moving / active / the AFK symbol is above your head. Staff will do their best to keep it even, but please don't whine when you're pushed, under any circumstances.  The only exception to the AFK pushing is the dream bot; the bot is not to be moved at any time.

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Main Dream Rules
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