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 Code of Conduct for Camp Staff ;

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PostSubject: Code of Conduct for Camp Staff ;   Fri Jan 09, 2015 4:30 am

The following topic is dedicated to hosting the rules for Camp Bournedale's staff team, with no exceptions. Please know that these rules are subject to updates, as well as changes at any point in time at the Owner, Co-Owner, Head Director or Head Of Staff's discretion. To ensure these rules are followed, these rules are posted publically so that a guest may report a staff member if they notice an abuse of power or position. For staff members, it's so they know what is and what is not allowed.

+ Members of staff are here to keep the environment safe and fun, at all times.
You're here to make sure everyone's enjoying themselves as well as helping the dream run as smoothly as possible; you may be placed in heated situations, but please keep a calm head as often as you can. Even if someone's treating you rudely, you don't have to take the abuse, but you don't need to abuse them in return. Please do all you can to not spend the entire day behind the desk conversing amongst yourselves, but instead doing things like hosting games! The more the dream feels like a community, the better. Some ideas regarding this are in the staff form, for your perusal.

+ Please, file reports and suggestions!
It always seems that staff members always have some sort of feedback, be it positive or negative. Don't feel a staff is suited to be on the team? File a report. Hate an item? File a report. Hate the desk area? File a report. You guys are on the frontlines and know who's causing issues; you know when features are working and when they're not. If something could be run differently, let us know! Don't "keep quiet to keep the peace"; if we can improve, we need to know.

Also, please keep in mind it's better to use the website for everything from suggestions to questions. The reason being, if it's approved by the Dream Owner, the appropriate staff can respond faster. If it's an issue with patches, anyone with access to the dream can fix it rather than waiting for X to get online to tell Y that Z needs to be done.

+ You may only have two alts with staff permissions, at all times.

For example, only two alts may sell cabins/gardens/tents as well as be behind the staff desk. If they're not on autoshare, they're not to be acting as staff. If you want to update your alts, please file a report on the website and then for the next dream reload. Reloads are scheduled at the end of each month; so plan accordingly. No alts, under any circumstances, are to be in staff areas unless they have share. You are well within your rights to remove someone from behind the desk if they're not on the staff list and their share isn't automated; regardless of their rank.

+ This isn't a playground for dramatics; don't expect your hand to be held.
If you break a rule, expect to recieve warnings and eventually be fired; please use your head and attempt to have the mental age of a 20 year old. You can be fourteen and still be as mature as a twenty year old. You shouldn't have to be told how to treat people and don't be afraid to report ANYONE. If the Owner or Co-Owner is out of line? Report it; not even kidding. That said, if you screwed up, apologize. If somene pisses you off, confront them with;

"Hey, X wasn't okay and it sort of made me feel Y. I responded with Z, and that wasn't right either and I'm sorry. I think our personalities clash a little too much, is it okay if we forgive each other, let this go behind us, and be civil/netural to each other?"

You don't all need to be friends, but please at least be civil and polite! Also, there's another thread in the Rules section on dealing with both staff and patrons when they're breaking rules. We hope it won't need to be used, but it's there just in case! Try keeping it in mind for guests and patrons, as well.

+ Please, do your best to keep the desk area clear of those who don't need help.
This said, please don't be rude to people or force them to leave, especially if the desk is empty. There's various ways to help keep the desk clean and clear and several threads which give some ideas!

+ Do not abuse your power in any way, shape, or form.
For example, no ejecting unless it's needed, no creating areas in the black.  If you're asked to stop, stop. So on and so forth. If you need to get offline due to being upset, please do so. Also, please don't walk in the black areas! I made this mistake myself in another dream and forgot about regions; I found "glitches" that weren't actually glitches, so do keep this in mind.

+ Also, it's your duty to step in if someone is in trouble.
Even if they don't ask for help, if they're being trolled, step in and give a warning. This said, mediate problems! Be fair, don't eject without at least two warnings where applicable, give warning(s) to both members if required. Don't let troublemakers have their way. c: If you sense things starting to get a bit tense, but there's not any grounds to warn or eject someone, please change the topic. Ask both parties to stop, and then change the topic. If all else fails, give out cookies and ask people to eat them and post the fortune.

+ Should a situation regarding staff members arise, please message the Head of Staff.
Via the website, please file a report if needed. If one isn't needed, do send a private message.

+ Cabin checks are to be done every two hours, not a moment more, and not a moment less.
During this time, all staff members are expected to help out and clean out cabins. Please use your tab key to check for people standing outside cabins! There's too much of a problem in other BAH's where people don't use the tab key, and too many homes/gardens/cabins/apartments/etcetc get cleared wrongfully as a result. There's some exceptions to this, so please read the appropriate threads!

+ Please, use the website as often as you can - and preferably via the adfly link provided in the opening emits.
Basically, just ask people to say !Website for the link. Adfly will bring in small amounts of funds for us to use for custom patches, as well as help out with the dream package, and even purchase digos and other treats to raffle off. If someone has a suggestion, it should be put on the forums, not whispered to staff. Complaints of any form should be posted on the website!

+ As always, desk requests trump all else.
We can't force you to ignore whisper requests, so we're not going to try to; but everything is first come first serve. We highly encourage you don't respond to whisper requests and everything asked for at the desk, comes first. Few exceptions apply, such as someone whispering you due to being harrassed vs someone who wants a cabin that's at the desk.

Edit Log / History; To be added to each and every time this post is edited. If major edits are made, such as adding/removing rules, you are to post below with DETAILED information of what was added. No exceptions. If the history log grows in a significant size, it may be pasted into a new post in this topic to keep the length minimal. There must be at least 10 edits, though.



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Code of Conduct for Camp Staff ;
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