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 Website / Forum Rules.

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PostSubject: Website / Forum Rules.   Sat Jan 10, 2015 9:47 am

The following section is dedicated to the rules of Camp Bournedale's website, also known as the forum. While these rules have been separated into two sections which may mostly be broken down into Guest and Staff Rules, please know there are some rules in both sections that may apply to both parties. Staff rules are left visible so that guests within the dream and on the website can tell when a staff member is out of line, and report them accordingly. Please do not look for "loopholes" in the rules and exploit them, and also please use common sense. Not every rule will be listed, but things like spamming and trolling won't be tolerated. Warnings can, and will be given out freely - and the rules are subject to changes and edits at any point in time for any reason.

Quote :

+While you are not required to sign up on the forums using your Furcadian name, please try not to use another users' Furcadian name. We don't wish for people to impersonate others, and you will be asked to change it if it's reported. Inappropriate names will not be tolerated, here and in the dream. If the taking of another users' Furcadian name was done on accident, please remedy it as soon as you're able if it becomes an issue.

+ ALL content within the forum, unless otherwise stated, is to be above no more than a T+ rating, based on Furcadia's standards. Should content appear to be otherwise, it will be removed without warning, and we are not responsible for lost content. Please know that there is not an exception to any form of violence and sexual theme within the forum.

+ Signatures are not to be above 798px by 150px. 798px is the length, and 150 is the height. If you are using multiple images, they must be resized to fit in this width. Website administrators hold the right to remove offending signature(s) without warning. Also, there isn't a limit for embedded videos or images - but please ensure they follow the rules (no nudity or "scantily clothed" images or anything overly violent, etcetc) and do not stretch the page. If the page width is stretched or altered in any way, shape, or form, the image will be removed. Preferably, please link all images.

The following image is the largest your signature can be. You are free to use it as a reference.

+ All rules must be read and fully understood before posting. By posting you are agreeing to the rules and consenting for punishment if the rules are broken. It's you're job to make sure you are up to date on the rules and that you are following them appropriately. The excuse "I didn't know." will not be accepted under any circumstance.

+ Please ensure everything is going into the proper categories when posting, unless it's within the 'Spam' thread. If the post is found to be in the incorrect place, it will be removed and/or moved to the correct location without warning. If you are unsure as to where you should be posting, please contact a website moderator via message on the forums, or whispering via Furcadia.

+ Relating to the previous rule, please make sure you keep your post clean of chatter and spam, and on topic. It's fine if it strays somewhat, but otherwise please create a different thread that fits where it strays. Staff have the right to step in where they feel is necessary, at their own discretion.

+ All applicable dream rules also apply.


Quote :
+ Please do what you can to keep traffic active on the website, in terms of participating in games and ensuring all suggestions are posted on the forums. Any complaints, especially from guests, are to be posted on the forums as well.

+ If you see something on the website that shouldn't be there, please report it in the appropriate section of the forums if you don't have moderating abilities. A staff member will get to it within 48 hours. This said, please do all you can to make sure that everyone is posting in the correct categories.

+ Content(s) of the staff forum are not to be shared with anyone for any reason unless given permission by a main moderator or above. "Hate threads" of any sort will not be tolerated, be they posted by staff members or other users.

+ General Staff Members and above (this means not mentors, or trial staff members) are asked to respond to applications and give a recommendation or a non recommendation. Please provide as detailed a response as you can, as just 'rec' and 'no rec' aren't helpful in the overal decision.

+ Do not touch, edit, modify, transform, remove, or otherwise tamper any topic/post in any way, shape, or form without permission for each and every edit. The only exceptions for this is if the post is yours or it breaks the rules. In any and all cases, you absolutely must add in a "History" Spoiler with the reason for editing in the contents, as well as who it was edited by. There are no exceptions to this, and one offense will result in the loss of moderating abilities.



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Website / Forum Rules.
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