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 Du Herro. I'm ShadowMage

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PostSubject: Du Herro. I'm ShadowMage   Sat Jan 10, 2015 10:01 am

Hi. I'm ShadowMage. I have a general interest in computers with skills in both desktop and web based programming/coding languages. I have skills in HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP and database languages. As per the desktop side of programming, I have skills with C#, VB6/.NET and Python. Recently I've taken up learning Java for both Minecraft and other reasons. I've also acquired skills in LUA as per the MC Mod ComputerCraft and my enjoyment of Halo Combat Evolved.

I've been tinkering with computers and playing with them since I was a youngling and have a degree in Information Technology. Over the years I've played with a fair few private servers ranging from Minecraft to Habbo Hotel. Outside the computer world I enjoy running around in the woods on the fourwheeler or camping.

I can be reached on Skype, Twitter, this website or in-game.

If you want to contact me there, or ask questions that I haven't answered here, send a message either in game or private message.
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Du Herro. I'm ShadowMage
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