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 Happiness - Liz. [Poem]

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PostSubject: Happiness - Liz. [Poem]   Mon Jan 26, 2015 7:48 pm

Falling so deep but I know not where;

My bones rattling, heart beat increasing.

Every thought comes to me;

Daggers in each letter.

Upon my blackened brain this is nothing new.

Emotions creep up,

Suffocating, drowning, they scream.

Scream for release from this tortured one

although they can not run:

So they fight.

They scratch at the brain like insects,

Thoughts bleeding into one another.

Outside my face remains cold,

they hold me hostage;

Not a soul can know.

Not a soul can learn of my inner turmoil:

For I must smile.

Η τιμή του όνειρο είναι οι περιορισμοί που τίθενται σε 'αυτήν.
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Happiness - Liz. [Poem]
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