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 Staff Ranking

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PostSubject: Staff Ranking   Wed Jul 15, 2015 5:04 am

This is a list of the Staff Ranks and the things they're required to do!

Dream Owner
The Dream Owner just kinda.. oversees the dream.. o3o;

Co-Owner || Head of Staff
The Co-Owner is the "Queen" of the dream. They make sure everyone is doing their righful jobs properly and oversee everything, as well as manages the website and information within it.

Head Directors || Dream Managers
The Head Directors or Dream Managers are there to watch the entire dream and make sure everything within it runs without kinks. They are the 'testers' and 'experts' within the dream mechanics and are there to catch any bugs or otherwise.

General Managers
The General Manager is to ensure that the dream works smoothly, the staff and patrons get along, and that there are no kinks in the workings of the dream.

Head Staff Members
The Head Staff are to purely ensure the patrons and staff get along, the general staff do their job properly, and are there to overall 'keep the peace'.

General Staff Members
The General Staff members are in charge of 'catering' to the patrons. They are to help and give information when needed.

Scouts || Trial Staff Members
The Scouts are to focus on learning their future roll as a General Staff Member. They are to follow the steps of the mentor they're given to and they are to help and give information to patrons.

Counselors || Dream Mentors
The Counselors or Dream Mentors are the 'teachers' of the staff. They are to help all staff members if need be, but their main focus is on trial staffers, and showing them the ropes.

Art Staff
Art staffers are our patch, skin, and overall decorative creators.


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Staff Ranking
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