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 Thoughts on the new ideas!

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PostSubject: Thoughts on the new ideas!   Fri May 20, 2011 10:00 pm

My thoughts on new idea's:

Quote :
I know we were having trouble deciding what to do for the Trading Post and the Prize Tickets idea, so I've come up an idea and I have research to back me up. Apparently you can find pearls at the bottom of lakes, so instead of having a prize ticket, maybe the staff could give out different colored pearls? Like white, creamish, light pink, and light purple. And in the trading post, whatever floor color the prize is on, that's what pearl you have to have to get it. And we can even include, when we put in the scuba diving DS for the lake, make it so that people can find pearls at the bottom of the lake themselves, although it would be extremely rare.
I love this idea! My only concern is how rare would it be to find pearls?

Scuba Diving
Quote :
Letting campers swim out into the lake and say something like !dive, that will have them quickly "dive under the water" to search for treasure
Maybe we could use ;dive. ???

I have nothing else to say about this idea, its amazing. The goggle idea and the animated DS buttons sounds really cool to use. We could have bubbles popping out here and there and sounds of under water life. Very Happy But I do have a idea; maybe we could add an oxygen bar. For example if the oxygen where to run out, the furre would have to say ;swim up or something to refill on oxygen. If the furre never swam up we could ds it to where the furre would be laid down on the edge of the water with a emit saying; "You've ran out of air. Luckily you washed up on shore just in time to regain your oxygen." And if they where to of found anything while running out of air it would of dispersed.

Sounds good to me!

-Camp Director, Jarek
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Thoughts on the new ideas!
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