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 Liz's Application

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PostSubject: Liz's Application   Mon Aug 03, 2015 3:42 pm

I'm bored as fuck. So I'm gonna try out an application and see if I would get hired in my own dream based on this xD So read it over and give me an honest answer~ 8D

Basic Introduction(s) || All About You ;

Your Furcadian Name: Kib.
First Potential Staff Name: Kib.
Second Furcadian Name: Carolie.
Your Gender: Female.
Your Age: 24.
How long have you been playing Furcadia?: Since Early 2010.
Requested Mentor: Ma Dai. S-Senpai, Notice Me. O////O

The Basics of CB || Now that we know about you, how do you know us?

What does 'CB' stand for?: Camp Bournedale
Who is the owner of the dream?: Xios / Kib
What are the name(s) of the user(s) who created/came up with the idea for CB?: Nikai, Tally-wa, Evadora, Carolie.
What is the Furcadian Name of the Co-Owner?: Ma Dai.
Opening Date?: Has yet to open.
Off the top of your head, how many staff members do we have, at the present time? 5.
Have you previously spoken to staff? If so, which ones?: All The Staff! >8D
Are there any staff members you didn't get along with? I don't know about this Ma Dai character..

Art Staff Section


Scenarios || What would you do, in the following situations?
Some side notes; please be aware that while there is no limit on how long these need to be, two words isn't acceptable. Absolutely everything is required and some questions have two or more parts; so make sure you answer each bit, otherwise you will be declined! Also, these situations are hypothetical. Even if none of these would never happen to you, please answer as though you would be in them, anyways! Also, please make sure your answer is underneath the question, not on the same line.

You've been recommended to be promoted to General Staff very recently after being accepted to the team, although during the course of your time as Trial Staff, you've received little to no training. Even so, you've payed attention to other staff and tested commands; so you have a rough idea of how everything works. The Owner is ready to promote you, though isn't aware you haven't been trained properly. What would you do?

I would notify the owner that I have not received proper training and if possible, I would like to receive the training needed in order to do my job properly.

You're rather new to the staff team and have begun to notice that several staff members aren't logging online and when they are online, won't come into the dream and do their job, leaving most of the staff duties to you. The guests begin to take advantage of having only one staff member around and take to spamming the desk area, flooding the forums with inappropriate posts and placing topics in wrong areas, and filling areas of the dream with items. More people come in with similar behaviour and it's a little difficult for just one person to handle. What is your course of action?

When noticing this I would notify the Co and Owner of the situation. If I am unable to reach either I would ask any available members to help out with the issue as best as they can. In resolving the spamming issue of the forum and dream, I would do my best in reprimanding those involved as well as keeping log of everything going on, and cleaning up whatever mess is made. I've personally been in this type of scenario before and I'm very confident in my skills as a former staff member of other dreams to handle this correctly.

While behind the desk with plenty of patrons and staff around, most people are complaining of boredom and some have taken to lightly trolling; though it's not enough that you believe is appropriate for a warning. Conversations begin to drop off and become awkward and the dream just seems lame, at the moment. What do you do?

At this point I would bring up different things the dream has to offer to cure patrons and/or staff of their boredom. I would also suggest to other staff members hosting a game in the Events Room or something of the like. In other situations I would try to get a conversation going, whilst getting people involved in it to keep up the pace.

An extremely close friend of yours, whom you've previously had no problems with, has decided to apply to be a member of the staff team. They've asked you "put in a good word" with the rest of the staff members, to ensure they're hired. They begin to act like staff members; answering when people want a cabin and whispering you to ask you give it to them. They ask to be push behind the desk when there aren't many staff around and claim to be a member of staff, though they haven't been added to the DS yet. They begin to start fights with a guest who's known to be troublesome and one fight results in your friend threatening to eject them and asking you to do so. You know they're not normally like this and are likely just excited and nervous and believe they would, once they calm down, would be a very good staff member. How would you put up with the situation?

In this case, if a friend acted like this after applying, I would try to push reality on them by letting them know that until they are accepted and/or have share, they are not to conduct in staff matters. If they began fighting with guests and threatening ejection I would give them a warning not to do so. If a close friend were to act like this before being hired, or before being given share I would do my best to calm them down and to tell them to keep it down a few notches until they are hired and/or given share. Even if they don't normally act like that, it's highly inappropriate to do so and they should keep themselves in check, friend or not.

An extremely large group is positioned at the desk and, as it does over the course of the day, the speech begins to get a little bit T+ rated and even above. While nobody's spamming, the chatter becomes noticably faster and it's difficult to keep up. There's no free seats at the desk and people are beginning to pile up on the floors. A smaller group joins the desk area and asks everyone else to slow down and lower the rating of their speech, as they're underage and uncomfortable. However, they're being ignored by the larger group and have taken to speaking in bolded caps to ask people to stop, which has resulted in the first group to telling them to move if they didn't want to be around T+ content. You step in once and calmly try to mediate the situation, but someone in the larger group believes you're being unfair as you were fine with it earlier; they were there first and should be entitled to continue. They hint that they're close to one of the Managers and will ask them to remove your share, if you don't leave them be. What do you feel would be the best thing to do, here?

In this situation I would probably first ask everyone to calm down and shush. Then I would most likely ask the large group to leave the desk area if they continued as they're causing a disruption for other people with their chatter and T+ conversations. If one of the group members said I was being unfair I would tell them that it was fine before because no one had a problem with their conversation and it wasn't against the rules, but their conversation is now troubling others and needs to be changed. If one of the people in the larger group were to threaten me with 'telling on me' I would simply tell them that they're free to report me to a higher-up if they feel that is necessary. If the group continued to make a ruckus and don't leave the desk, warnings would be given to them, using ejection as the last resort.

A particular troublemaker has made themselves well known at the desk, interrupting conversations and spam the dream constantly both with items and speech. While they've recieved warnings, no real action has been taken against them; though everyone tends to leave any area that they happen to wander into. They treat people terribly and have been known to troll the moment staff members are all offline or unavailable, though produce edited logs that show other users as provoking them when confronted about the situation. Claiming they want to be there to keep them in line, they fill out a staff application and you decide to give it a 'no rec' due to their behaviour. They approach a Manager with false logs, in which they edited them to have you say they weren't welcome in the dream and that you only gave them a 'no rec' because you didn't like them. You counter with accurate logs and the Manager decides to warn you both as it's unclear which logs are true and they want to be fair. As such, the troublemaker is also accepted to the staff team and have begun ejecting the people they dislike, at the desk and have found a way around the auto emits for when people are ejected. How would you go about clearing the situation up?

Oh lordie. I know this one. This is a very tricky situation because one wrong move and it's you that gets demoted or fired. If this were the case, I would make a case towards the Co or Owner, showing screenshots, logs, and proof of witnesses if there are any. I would make sure to save all evidence of any ejections, including the before and after of both parties. I would also log any other incidents and eventually privately make my case without giving any hint to the troublemaker that I was doing so. If someone ratted me out, I would have the witnesses / screenies to help me out. Before all of this, I would first report the staff member in the appropriate section of the forum, containing the evidence and information needed. In these types of situations if the troublemaker is really that determined, Furcadia has no way of showing proper 'truth', so if they made false evidence that was good enough, no one would be able to make a case against them and nothing would be done until the higher-ups caught them in the act.

Additional Comments & Other ;

Do  you happen to have anything else to add? Suggestions for the application or dream overall, any additional information that will help us hire you, refrences from previous dreams, etc. If not, feel free to just remove this section entirely from your application!

This was fun o3o

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Liz's Application
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